Quote from "Effective Pastoral Counseling" by Gary Collins (Manila, Philippines: OMF Publishers, 1984): We have a cause for happiness but we must never get the idea that it is unchristian or unspiritual for people to be unhappy at times. Periodic discouragement is a part of life and although believers can always be glad for their … Continue reading Weeping

New Presentation on Categories of Pastoral Counseling

Here is our newest presentation on Pastoral Counseling. It is a modification of a previous one. However, there are considerable changes--- hopefully improvements.

Most Popular Pastoral Counseling Presentations

Here are the most popular presentations we use at our counseling center based on hits and downloads from Slideshare.net. Note A Some of the top ones don't have the highest numbers. That is because Slideshare doesn't really all revisions. Therefore, if we update a presentation we delete the old one (and lose the statistics) and … Continue reading Most Popular Pastoral Counseling Presentations

6 Causes of Burnout, and How to Avoid Them

https://hbr.org/2019/07/6-causes-of-burnout-and-how-to-avoid-them?utm_source=pocket&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pockethits I read a nice article on burnout from the Harvard Business Review by Elizabeth Grace Saunders. The link is above. I also used that article as a reason to update our Presentation on Burnout.

Correlation of Theology and Pastoral Care in Community

Correlation is described by Paul Tillich as: Theology formulates the questions implied in human existence, and theology formulates the answers implied in divine self-manifestation under the guidance of the questions implied in human existence. This is a circle which drives man to a point where question and answer are not separated. Paul Tillich, "Systematic Theology," … Continue reading Correlation of Theology and Pastoral Care in Community

Pastoral Care or Spiritual Care…

There is an on-going controversy regarding what term is preferable, “Pastoral Care” or “Spiritual Care.” For some people this has become quite a heated issue. I have no interest in stoking this fire, and certainly encourage ministers and lay ministers to use the term they prefer. The use of the term “spiritual care” is often … Continue reading Pastoral Care or Spiritual Care…