Presentations for Pastoral Counseling

A lot of the presentations that we use for our Clinical Pastoral Education, Clinical Pastoral Orientation, and Pastoral Counseling classes are available online. Many of them are regularly being updated and improved. Still, we try to keep these online resources relatively current. You can find them at Slideshare by CLICKING HERE. They are often topically … Continue reading Presentations for Pastoral Counseling

New Presentation on Categories of Pastoral Counseling

Here is our newest presentation on Pastoral Counseling. It is a modification of a previous one. However, there are considerable changes--- hopefully improvements.

Developing a Theology of Death

Let's just face facts for a moment. EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH DEATH Isn't that a crazy thought? We embrace a future and hopeful orientation. How could such an outlook ignore perhaps the most important milestone that each of us go through in the path into the future-- death?  Let me give a few anecdotal … Continue reading Developing a Theology of Death