I have written a few books in my copious spare time. Some are more missiological rather than associated with pastoral theology. Here are the ones that are more clearly linked to pastoral theology or theological reflection.

Books, if they are already published, are available at AMAZON BY CLICKING HERE

Theo-Storying and two other books that I did NOT list below.
  1. DYNAMICS IN PASTORAL CARE. Okay. As of the day I am writing this, (April 14, 2019) it is still not published. However, it is around 95% done. Hope to be done by June, July, or August (no promises). Definitely the slowest book I (we actually, since my wife and I are co-authors) have ever written. But I hope the end result will be good. I will keep you updated.
  2. THE ART OF PASTORAL CARE. This has been out a couple of years and my most popular book. Co-written with my wife Celia, this is meant for Bible School students, or for Intro to Pastoral Care classes. I find it a good overview of the topic.
  3. DIALOGUE IN DIVERSITY. This book is on Interreligious (or Interfaith) Dialogue. In my mind, this particular topic is one of the primary places where pastor care and missions overlap (another being Missionary Member Care). It is more for seminary students.
  4. THEO-STORYING. These are my reflections on the role of stories in relation to theology and culture.