The Woodcarver saw it under a pile of premium

Image result for knotty wood specimens

woods to be turned into wooden utensils, statues, and a variety of tchotchkes for tourists. The pieces of wood always had character to them— gnarled branches, hollow logs, and even stumps with roots. But one caught his attention. Perhaps it is a bad choice. It was a hard wood that would be difficult to work, dulling the tools. It also had knots it in awkward places. But the Woodcarver saw something in it.

The Woodcarver saw a man. Maybe no one else did, but doesn’t mean he isn’t there. The wood just needs go be kiln dried, carved, and post treated. The end result will be a man. He may not look like the original wood, but it is the same substance, with the unnecessary parts carefully cut away. It may take awhile, but vision and patience are key qualities of the Woodcarver. He could see the man in the piece of wood trying to get out. It will be done one day, but never sold. The Woodcarver never sold His best work.

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