Most Popular Pastoral Counseling Presentations

Here are the most popular presentations we use at our counseling center based on hits and downloads from

Note A Some of the top ones don’t have the highest numbers. That is because Slideshare doesn’t really all revisions. Therefore, if we update a presentation we delete the old one (and lose the statistics) and put in the revised with the counter starting again from ZERO.

Note B. These are not necessarily the one’s that I think are the best or most important (although some are). But it is useful to know what others think.

Note C. The presentations are far from perfect. We welcome comments for improvement.

#1. Models of Christian Counseling, Coaching, and Pastoral Care. I would never have thought of this as the top… but we have had over 20,000 reads of it, and over 600 downloads. It does try to put some good information that is hard to find in a rather concise form. Sometimes wonder whether we should add Spiritual Direction to this mix.

#2. History and Foundations of Pastoral Care. We keep updating this one so the present counter is low, but we have actually had well over 10,000 reads of this one. We use this one pretty regularly for CPE and for pastoral care and counseling classes. Hope to improve the History part of it but overall we find it quite useful.

#3. Pastoral Diagnosis. Much like the previous one, a presentation we use a lot and update a lot. But it has over 3000 reads. Probably will update it again soon to be in line with some things in the chapter on Pastoral Diagnosis in our new book. Hopefully, I will remember to update the links here.

#4. Self-Care: Healthy Boundaries and Healthy Relationships. This has had over 2000 reads. Although it sounds like typical self-help schlock, the purpose is actually for those in ministry to be able to help people while maintaining boundaries.

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