The Adventure Begins

This is my first post in this new website. I have been blogging for a long time now. My largest website is in which I write predominantly on topics of Christian missions. I have been serving as a missionary in the Philippines since 2004, and have my doctorate in Missions, so it is not surprising that I would write a fair bit on this topic. As of this date, I have over 1000 posts on that website. Most of them are my own… not sharing someone else’s post, and most are fairly long— longer than recommended frankly.

However, recently I have found that I have less to say on missions… or at least on topics that are more exclusively missions. Of course, one reason is that I have written over 1000 posts. Another is that a lot of my work has recently been in pastoral care, pastoral counseling, and pastoral missions. Most of the things I want to write about are rehashes of things I have said before. Among these are:

  • Serving as administrator of Bukal Life Care and Counseling Center, here in Baguio City, Philippines
  • Serving as registrar for CPSP-Philippines. This is an organization involved in certification individuals in pastoral counseling and clinical chaplaincy, and accreditation of training programs in Clinical Pastoral Education.
  • Teaching some courses in pastoral care at seminary. These include Intro to PC, Clinical Pastoral Orientation. I also teach, or have taught courses in missions that have a distinct pastoral theology or pastoral care flare to them. These include Missionary Member Care, and Interreligious Dialogue.
  • I am presently serving as an (interim) pastor of a churchplant here in Baguio.
  • I assist my wife in training. She is a Diplomate Supervisor in Clinical Pastoral Education/Training with CPSP-Philippines, and Pastoral Counselor/Clinical Chaplain with CPSP.

So I think I will see how this goes. It may be a failed experiment… but no experiment is truly a failure if I learn something valuable from it. Hope you will join me.

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