Naturally Not Compassionate

I am teaching a class in pastoral care and counseling at seminary. I decided to roleplay a hospital visit. I had one student to roleplay having a back injury with uncertain prognosis. Then I roleplayed a rather poor pastoral visit. I am pretty good at poor pastoral visits--- I just have to do what comes … Continue reading Naturally Not Compassionate

Words are Not Enough

<This is one of our missionary newsletters. I don't normally put newsletters in my blogs, but I think this one is relevant to Pastoral Theology. You decide for yourself.> Greetings again.¬†¬†Recently I figured out that I have been writing A LOT. Recently, Celia and I finished our second book on Pastoral Care, "Dynamics in Pastoral … Continue reading Words are Not Enough

Presentations for Pastoral Counseling

A lot of the presentations that we use for our Clinical Pastoral Education, Clinical Pastoral Orientation, and Pastoral Counseling classes are available online. Many of them are regularly being updated and improved. Still, we try to keep these online resources relatively current. You can find them at Slideshare by CLICKING HERE. They are often topically … Continue reading Presentations for Pastoral Counseling

Updated Revision to Theo-Storying

I finally got around to revising Theo-Storying: Reflections on God, Narrative and Culture. I expanded one chapter, and added an entirely new chapter. The new chapter is on the use of stories for theological reflection. I also fixed a number of little errors from the earlier edition. Curiously, I was able to keep it the … Continue reading Updated Revision to Theo-Storying

Critique and Reflection

The following is an excerpt from my book Theo-storying: Reflections on God, Narrative, and Culture. I have been reviewing the book as I am looking to update it. But this section I had forgotten about and quite like. I may have to use some of this information for the upgrade of my book, Dialogue in … Continue reading Critique and Reflection