Dialogue as Counseling

Dialogue is two-way conversation with two (or more) participants with the goal of mutual understanding. Dialogue would normally be seen as a conversational form that is distinctly different from preaching (1-way conversation focused on changing the other), teaching/lecturing (1-way conversation focused on the other gaining understanding), and arguing (2-way conversation focused on each seeking to … Continue reading Dialogue as Counseling

Teaching Pastoral Care Affectively

I was at a seminar earlier today that spoke of creative teaching methds, and it was brought up the importance of teaching not just cognitively, but affectively (emotionally), and behaviorally. At that seminar the question was brought up “How do you teach Pastoral Care Affectively.” The answer given by the group facilitator was that since … Continue reading Teaching Pastoral Care Affectively

Dynamics in Pastoral Counseling and Training

My wife and I first published this book last September... but by November we already realized that we had to make some tweaks to it. Most of the changes were changes of spellings or changes of words. These were not major things, but they should be done. We were able to finish that review and … Continue reading Dynamics in Pastoral Counseling and Training